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Ace and Grace smiling in suitcase illustration

Ace, Grace, and the Flying Suitcase Visit Jamaica

By Kimberly A. Hemmings


Tropical Trinity Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-0-9998360-0-2

Ace, Grace, and the Flying Suitcase Visit Jamaica is the first book in the Ace and Grace Travel Books series. In this book, siblings Ace and Grace embark on an exciting, magical adventure, as they visit the beautiful island of Jamaica, with their friend Skylar, the Flying Suitcase. Join them as they visit actual places and experience the wonderful culture of this fascinating island in the Caribbean Sea. Ace and Grace have a wonderful time visiting actual sites, meeting new people, tasting the foods, and dancing to the rhythms. Soar and explore with Ace and Grace!

mother cover.jpg

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Mother! Mother! Where's My Color?

By Kimberly A. Hemmings

Tropical Trinity Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-0-9998360-9-5

Explore eleven colors in this vibrant, eye-catching story from best-selling children’s author, Kimberly A. Hemmings. Harmony, the last baby hummingbird is born and notices that she does not have bright colors like her parents and siblings, Melody and Tempo. Join her as she goes on a journey through the countryside of Jamaica, searching for her perfect color. Your child will learn colors, by exploring the natural beauty and landscapes of Jamaica. 


This is a story not only about colors, but about, family, friendship, and loving who you are. Written in a fun, easy to read rhyming verse, your child will learn to appreciate, embrace, and love their uniqueness. Sing along with your child as they sing the uplifting and affirmational song, “I Am Special,” included at the end of the story.

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